COVID-19 Tracking Products

Ascent provides track and trace products for relevant authorities to gain visbility over assets and people especially in the COVID-19 season

iSPOT® Thermal Trace

Key Features
  • Accurate Temperature Scanning, Multi-Array Scanning
  • Accurate Facial Recognition, Upload up to 3 Photos
  • Safe Entry QR Code, Supports up to 2 on Screen
  • Mask & Glasses Mode
  • IO for QR Code, Barcode or NFC Scanning
  • Standalone or Network Deployment Compatible

The iSPOT® Thermal Trace is a biometric thermal scanner that is able to quickly scan a person’s face and temperature simultaneously. If the face has been registered before and is recognised, the temperature record will be automatically tagged to this person. Using the latest temperature taking technology using multi-array scanning of the whole face, increases accuracy as compared to others. The solution supports up to 3 photos to be taken for extra reference points to boost facial recognition accuracy. This allows for effective contactless temperature scanning together with a person’s identification through their biometric record. If a high temperature is detected, a visual and audio alert will be provided for action. It is able to connect to the backend using LAN or WiFi connectivity. It is Safe Entry compatible and has IO to support additional ID methods such as QR code, bar code and NFC scanning.

The iSPOT® Thermal Trace comes with an intuitive device management and reporting software that can be locally hosted. The Software can seamlessly manage multiple thermal scanners. Easily retrieve records from all managed thermal scanners with automatic data synchronization. Generate temperature and facial records for every scanning event and export it into .CSV for reporting purposes. High temperature records will be put aside in a Fever Record tab for easy reference.

The system is also API ready and can support integration to existing customer systems for interoperability.

iSPOT® Contact Trace

Key Features
  • VIbration and Visual Alert
  • Rechargable
  • Safe Distancing Alert
  • Contact Tracing Logging
  • IP67 Splashproof
  • Supports IoT Gateway

The iSPOT® Contact Trace wearable is capable of alerting users when it is too close to another wearable. This visual and vibration alert on the wearable will encourage users to maintain a safe distance from each other especially in workplaces where safe distancing is actively practiced in response to Covid 19. The wearable will also be able to log violation events when users continue to stay in close proximity to each other. The iSPOT® Contact Trace wearable is rechargeable and suitable for long term use in workplaces.

The iSPOT® Contact Trace wearable can also be detected by the IoT Gateway which can be deployed in key areas for crowd detection and real time alerts to the platform.

The iSPOT® Contact Trace platform is able to give users the ability to view the records of wearables that they have come into close proximity with. They would also be able to view violations based on duration of contact to identify serious violations. In the event of an infection, users can view both first level and second level contacts of the infected person for quick contact tracing.

The iSPOT® Contact Trace mobile app allows users to sync to the wearable in order to pull the records into the platform for reporting.

iSPOT® Contact Trace

Key Features
  • Long Battery Life Tracker
  • Water Resistant
  • Tamper Evident One Time Use Wristband
  • BLE Proximity Monitoring with IoT Gateway
  • IoT Gateway Disconnection Alert
  • Undetected Person Alert

Users issued with a Stay Home Notice and/or Quarantine order must remain in isolation within their homes or quarantine facility. Authorities need to ensure that these orders are compiled for health and safety purposes. In order to do so, they may issue people with the iSPOT® Quarantine wearable tag that comes with a tamper evident one time use wristband and a long life tracker. An IoT gateway is installed on premise which provides proximity tracking for those wearing the wristbands. Notifications and alerts are triggered when a user is not detected by the gateway or when the IoT gateway is turned off or tampered. Multiple users’ location and proximity can be tracked at the same time.

This tracking solution utilises the iSPOT® FMS platform to do real time location tracking of people who are under Stay Home Notice and/or Quarantine. The platform allows for creation of geofences and notification alerts will be triggered when people are undetected in the proximity of the IoT Gateway. The FMS platform will be able to provide authorities with on demand access so that full time monitoring can continue without deploying more manpower resources to do physical checks.