Smart Infrastructure

High Rise Lift Monitoring

Facility managers and housing authorities are responsible for the management of lift infrastructure in their respective buildings and estates. Badly managed lifts are a safety hazard and can result in injury and even death. These events can be avoided by being able to analyse the behaviour of the lift through shock, vibration, speed, sound, mileage and level data to determine when a lift may break down to activate preventative measures before this happens.

By applying machine learning, the solution is able to differentiate between normal and abnormal events to alert managers if the lift will likely breakdown within a specific time frame based on the data collected. Smart city applications can also be enabled by this solution through the ability to detect wireless connected devices that may be in the lift for track & trace purposes within housing estates and commercial buildings.

Biometric E-Gate

Sensitive installations such as airports require high security access control to manage the movement of passengers. Currently, most airports utilise immigration counters manned by officials that will manually process passengers. The process can often result in long lines which can affect the experience of visitors to these countries.

To increase efficiency and security, many airports are now deploying digital methods to enhance security through the use of biometric e-gates that allow registered passengers to use their biometric and passport data to efficiently clear immigration. These high security biometric e-gates are able to process users through fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and passport scanning to ensure that there is a match.

The processing of passengers can now occur within seconds and be immediately verified by the system through the use of unique biometric data collected. Biometric e-gates can also be utilised in other environments requiring a high level of security for access control and verification such as military and government facilities.


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