About Us

Rock Africa Oil and Gas Limited

The foundation of Rock Africa was laid in 2007 and the company started its activities in 2013 by providing varying services in IT and Mining Support Technological Services.

When you have a business relationship with us, you work with the people who care about you and your success.

Rock Africa comes into the industry with highly skilled experienced individuals with over 20 years experience. Our team of experts have undertaken numerous projects within the world.

As a company, we have always worked with our strategic partners in developing solutions to challenges faced by industry and society as a whole. This initiative has yielded positive results over the years by promoting the production of automated systems, technological services, hardware and software solutions for many sectors, as well as the fuel industry.

Today, together with our strategic partners have collectively launched the most comprehensive services in areas of satellite systems, payment systems, mobile applications, IoT, artificial intelligence, robotics, embedded systems, image analysis and sensor technologies.

Together, we aim to be a true “Solution Provider” in all software and automation needs of our clients with expert and experienced staff, with our quality product and service, customer-oriented approach and competitive prices.


  • Team Work – Combining our local and international experts to bring you the best of both worlds.
  • Strategic Alliance – Using knowledge and relationships to stay ahead of your needs, and keep you ahead of your competition.
  • Client Focus: Making our relationship with you and our desire for success the center for everything we do.


  • Integrity – Being straight forward in our business relationship based solely on our desire to see you succeed.
  • Trust – Establishing long-term relationships by earning your firm belief in our honesty.


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