Covid-19 Solutions

Providing a track and trace solution for relevant authorities to gain visibility over assets and people especially in the COVID-19 season where contact tracing and abiding by stay-home notices (SHN) are of paramount importance.


Workplaces are under immense pressure to ensure that they are adopting measures that promote safe distancing together with ways to detect safe distancing violations. Those that fail to prove that they are ensuring a safe workplace won’t be able to continue operations during this period. Some are able to utilise smart phone based contact tracing solutions but for those that aren’t, they face a challenge.

The iSPOT® Contact Trace solution offers these workplaces an effective tool to encourage safe distancing and also collect electronic logs of safe distancing violations through the use of a smart wearable device. If all employees wear this wearable diligently, they would be alerted through a vibration and visual alert that they are too close to another person and encouraged to moved away. Should they continue to remain in close proximity to the other person, both wearables will log the violation details and duration.

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iSPOT® Contact Trace
iSPOT® Thermal Trace


Workplaces, schools, places of worship, restaurants, shopping malls and all public places have been affected by the pandemic and have been forced to adopt safety measures including temperature scanning. High temperatures are an early symptom of the virus and pose a risk to these places.

Currently, many places are using manual methods of scanning using handheld thermal temperature scanners to perform this action. The iSPOT® Thermal Trace solution is able to automate this process and reduce the risk of those performing scanning and those being scanned as it removes the need for close human interaction.

The iSPOT® Thermal Trace is a biometric thermal temperature sensing solution that captures both accurate temperature readings and facial recognition of people. This means that workplaces can automatically capture both employee attendance via facial recognition and their temperature whilst public places are able to record the faces of those that enter and their temperature.

Companies are able to save on manpower costs together with providing accurate records to inspecting authorities to prove their ongoing efforts to maintain safe places.

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Vehicle Contact Tracing

Despite the ongoing Covid-19, the flow of critical and essential logistics such as fresh produce and other food products are still delivered across and within countries. However, the daily deliveries exposes truck drivers to risks of contracting the virus and hence, contributing to the spread of the virus. 

Given that this is a critical concern for both countries, it is of paramount importance to have stricter contact tracing of each delivery truck crossing borders. 

Track and trace each delivery truck on web or mobile app via the following functions: 

  • Real Time Location Tracking: Gain real time visibility of delivery trucks and know their exact location.
  • Historical Tracking: Track and trace the routes or delivery points that trucks have been to.  
  • Creation of Geozones: Receive alerts and notifications when trucks deviate from their designated delivery points 
  • No movement: Receive alerts when trucks stay at one location for too long. 

The ability of government authorities and companies to track and trace each delivery truck allows for quick identification of truck drivers and delivery staff that have been to delivery points that have Covid-19 infections. As such, relevant authorities can take the appropriate measures immediately and help to contain the spread of the virus in an efficient manner.

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Vehicle Contact Tracing
Personnel Tracking

Personnel Tracking

The contact tracing process involves interviewing those who are infected or suspected to have the virus. Hence, contact tracing is usually based on the interviewees’ memory where they have the tendency to miss out some people they have interacted with in the past weeks. 

This is especially applicable to people with jobs that require them to travel to different locations such as delivery staff, drivers and other offsite personnel where it involves greater levels of interaction with more people at more locations and hence, are at greater risks of contracting or spreading the virus. 

As such, it is important to rely on technology to digitalise the contact tracing process. With the iSPOT® Workforce mobile application, it can track and trace the location of each mobile app user. For instance, the location of the driver and delivery assistant will be detected as long as they are within 30m range of the Workforce app. HQ will be notified when drivers or assistants leave the proximity of the Workforce app. 

Beyond that, the Workforce app is compatible with the wearables wrist bands and has the ability to track people in the proximity of the mobile app user. 

The availability of chat function allows HQ to communicate with users directly and effectively via messages or photos within the Workforce application. The people tracking solution digitalises the contact tracing process and identifies close contacts of Covid-19 cases more quickly and accurately. The early detection of potential cases helps to reduce the spread of the virus because precautionary measures such as stay home quarantine will be imposed.

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Critical Supplies Tracking

To combat Covid-19, there are many critical supplies that are imported into Singapore. This includes surgical masks, sanitisers, medicine and medical equipment. These assets are of great importance to Singapore during this crucial period such that there is a need to ensure that they are securely tracked. 

Track and trace assets via the following functions:

  • Real Time Location Tracking: Real time data on the location of each shipment
  • Creation of Geozones: Receive alerts and notifications when assets enter and exit geozones. 
Critical Supplies Tracking
Quarantine Tracking

Stay Home Notice (SHN)/Quarantine Tracking

Many citizens have been issued the stay home notice when returning from another country. It is mandatory for these citizens to remain in their place of residence during the 14 day period to prevent local transmission of the virus.

Rock Africa’s wearable wrist bands help to ensure that citizens abide by the rules so as to prevent the spread of the virus. These bands are tamper evident such that HQ or authorities will know that it has been meddled with when they conduct checks on those who are quarantined. An IoT gateway is installed in their homes which tracks their proximity. Notifications and alerts are triggered when a user is not detected by the gateway or when the IoT gateway is turned off or tampered. Also, multiple users’ location and proximity can be tracked all at the same time. 

With this solution, it would allow authorities to quickly identify who are the ones who flout the rules of stay home notice and take immediate actions on them so as to contain the spread of covid-19 effectively. Also, the digitalisation of contact tracing process helps to cut back on the manpower costs incurred to monitor and ensure that people abide by the rules.

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