iSPOT® In-Vehicle Management (IVM)

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The iSPOT® IVM is a robust GPS vehicle tracking device that can be installed into passenger vehicles and heavy trucks. It is suitable for older heavy truck models as it has surge protection and an optional fuse line to protect it further. The device offers customers real time tracking with a basic fleet management platform. The real power of the device comes from the ability to also offer security tracking as it works with the iSPOT® iSensor. Trucks installed with the iSPOT IVM will now be able to use the iSPOT® iSensor to lock and secure the cargo in container, tanker and truck form easily. With one set of hardware customers can get both their fleet management and security tracking needs satisfied.

The iSPOT® IVM is also able to accommodate a satellite failover function together with an Inmarsat satellite device. This allows customers to never miss a report or tamper due to black spots, jamming or remote locations such as out on sea.

  • Able to monitor iSPOT® iSensor & iSPOT Temp
  • Multiple analogue and digital I/Os
  • Supports dual SIM
  • High input voltage range (8V – 30V)
  • MIL-STD-810F compliant
  • Satellite failover (optional)

The iSPOT® Fleet Management System provides basic fleet tracking functionality for customers to track their vehicles. Customers are able to view the historical tracking of fleet and generate reports. Parameters such as speed, mileage and heading will be captured for fleet managers to review.