AT841 GPS Long Life Asset Tracker

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The AT841 Long Life Asset Tracker is a 3G tracking device that has intelligent power management capability to improve battery conservation. The device will power down and be able to wake up at set periodic intervals to report its location. Unlike most long lift tracking devices, the AT841 is able to be recharged thus making it suitable for more frequent reporting modes should customers require this. The design supports outdoor condition usage and is both water and dust proof. A key feature of the AT841 is the ability to send a real time tamper alert if the device is removed from the asset.

Rock Africa provides competitive packages for roaming M2M data with this product.

  • Up to 3 year battery life (daily report)
  • IP65 water and dust proof
  • Tamper alert when removed
  • Intelligent power management
  • Strong magnet
  • High capacity rechargeable battery

The iSPOT® Fleet Management System is capable of acting as an asset tracking platform for GPS based devices. The simple and easy to use platform will allow customers to have their asset location data available on demand through both web and mobile applications. Customers will be able to generate location history reports and be able to receive email and platform notifications relating to geofence and tamper events. Reports are customisable and can be exported in both PDF and excel format.

The iSPOT® Fleet Management System is also API ready and can support integration to existing customer systems for interoperability.