iSPOT® Contact Trace

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The iSPOT® Contact Trace wearable is capable of alerting users when it is too close to another wearable. This visual and vibration alert on the wearable will encourage users to maintain a safe distance from each other especially in workplaces where safe distancing is actively practiced in response to Covid 19. The wearable will also be able to log violation events when users continue to stay in close proximity to each other. The iSPOT® Contact Trace wearable is rechargeable and suitable for long term use in workplaces.

The iSPOT® Contact Trace wearable can also be detected by the IoT Gateway which can be deployed in key areas for crowd detection and real time alerts to the platform.

  • Vibration and Visual Alert
  • Rechargable
  • Safe Distancing Alert
  • Contact Tracing Logging
  • IP67 Splashproof
  • Supports IoT Gateway

The iSPOT® Contact Trace platform is able to give users the ability to view the records of wearables that they have come into close proximity with. They would also be able to view violations based on duration of contact to identify serious violations. In the event of an infection, users can view both first level and second level contacts of the infected person for quick contact tracing.

The iSPOT® Contact Trace mobile app allows users to sync to the wearable in order to pull the records into the platform for reporting.