iSPOT® Quarantine

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Users issued with a Stay Home Notice and/or Quarantine order must remain in isolation within their homes or quarantine facility. Authorities need to ensure that these orders are compiled for health and safety purposes. In order to do so, they may issue people with the iSPOT® Quarantine wearable tag that comes with a tamper evident one time use wristband and a long life tracker. An IoT gateway is installed on premise which provides proximity tracking for those wearing the wristbands. Notifications and alerts are triggered when a user is not detected by the gateway or when the IoT gateway is turned off or tampered. Multiple users’ location and proximity can be tracked at the same time.

  • Long Battery Life Tracker
  • Water Resistant
  • Tamper Evident One Time Use Wristband
  • BLE Proximity Monitoring with IoT Gateway
  • IoT Gateway Disconnection Alert
  • Undetected Person Alert

This tracking solution utilises the iSPOT® FMS platform to do real time location tracking of people who are under Stay Home Notice and/or Quarantine. The platform allows for creation of geofences and notification alerts will be triggered when people are undetected in the proximity of the IoT Gateway. The FMS platform will be able to provide authorities with on demand access so that full time monitoring can continue without deploying more manpower resources to do physical checks.