iSPOT® Workforce App

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The iSPOT Workforce app has the ability to monitor and track the exact location of a person who is logged into the iSPOT Workforce application. The app reports data into the iSPOT FMS platform so that HQ can live track the person. Users can also set up alerts to notify them when a person has exited a geofence or remained in one position for too long. The iSPOT Workforce app can be used to facilitate contact tracing to understand where the person had travelled over a period of time or if they had deviated from their set route. The iSPOT Workforce application is simple to use and users just have to log into the application in order to get started. The chat feature facilitates two way communication between personnel and HQ via messages and photos.

Beyond that, the Workforce app is compatible with wearable wrist bands such that it has the capability to track people within a 30m proximity of the mobile app user. This ensures that the mobile app user doesn’t get separated from the mobile app and also can detect those around them.

  • Works with iSPOT® FMS
  • iOS & Android Compatible
  • Remote Workforce Tracking
  • Two Way Communication
  • Live Location via Mobile App
  • Camera Capability

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