Over 600 Global Roaming Operator Agreements in over 180 countries worldwide using open roaming data SIMs that are designed to reduce risk of failure. Our secure M2M network has been designed with geo-redundant and highly resilient network architecture over Global Roaming Exchange (GRX) Cloud infrastructure.

Free hopping between all networks available in a particular country. If a network goes down or a signal cannot be obtained from one network, it will automatically switch to the next strongest signal from any one of other networks in the country. This means that the IoT devices should never lose signal and have close to 100% coverage within the country.

Complete range of M2M SIM connectivity services including Fixed Public IP, Fixed Private IP, Private APN and IP Sec VPN for your IoT devices to be connected over a fully managed, highly secured network to your Data Centres. IP address restrictions on the M2M SIMs protects against fraudulent usage on the SIM cards.

  • Roaming in 130 countries
  • Low cost data
  • In country multi telco roaming
  • No fixed contract
  • Management platform available
  • Private APN ready

The M2M SIM Network Management IoT Platform allows fully control over the inventory of M2M SIMs from real time provisioning, suspension and terminations and viewing usage consumption. APIs are provided for integration to 3rd party applications.