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QuikCount® assists retail clients that sell on a consignment basis within department stores to have more accurate data from consignment stock counters outside of the warehouse. These clients often lack visibility of inventory and sales in these consignment stock counters as they don’t have access to the point of sales system belonging to the department store. Instead, they receive monthly updates from the department stores which often don’t provide them the level of detail required to accurately determine active inventory and sales. Using QuikCount®, retail clients are able to serialise their stock using a high performance RFID label and track inventory levels and movement in real time from multiple locations onto a central platform. Inventory scans replace inaccurate manual counting which saves time and increases accuracy of inventory levels.

QuikCount® offers users a variety of different RFID tag variations in different shapes, sizes and applications to offer performance under different environmental conditions. For retail, QuikCount® utilises a custom sticker label that is capable of being read up to 12m in free air to offer maximum readability in the retail environment.

QuickCount® is compatible with different RFID readers to match client requirements. For retail, QuikCount® utilises a lightweight RFID and Barcode scanner that has a maximum reading power of 30dBm together with a yagi directional antenna for higher accuracy.

  • Tracks consignment stock
  • Real time inventory updates
  • Tracks planned vs actual
  • Easy inventory counting
  • Unique RFID serialisation
  • Custom reports

QuikCount® has both a web and mobile application offering both administrative and operational users different functionality. QuikCount® allows users to plan delivery orders destined for the consignment stock counter and is able to detect if the planned units and quantity do not match the actual delivered units and quantity. In store, users can use the QuikCount® mobile app to perform several functions such as inventory scans, scan to release to another store, scan to find an item type and check inventory of particular items across all stores. All inventory scan data are sent in real time to the platform where by users can view all inventory levels across stores on demand and also generate useful reports such as sales, inventory balance, inventory movement, brand performance and exception reports.