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The SmartTape is a patented one-time use tape that can be used to secure containers, trucks, and other closed conveyances. The SmartTape is one of the main components of Soter’s TransitSecure platform. When applied, the SmartTape will cure and adhere to the surface to produce a visible tamper-evident mark on the tape. Also, any removal of the SmartTape will render it electronically unreadable which will be a further indication of tamper. The SmartTape cannot be duplicated due to this unique electronic component and will serve as a clear indication of the integrity in the chain of custody of the cargo.

  • Tamper evident
  • One time use
  • Each piece is unique
  • Metal surface compatible
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Industrial grade adhesive

Soter’s TransitSecure solution is a quality assurance and risk mitigation platform for physical cargo that integrates the SmartTape, a mobile application, and a web platform. The mobile application syncs with the SmartTape to add photos, comments, and gain timely information about the cargo. Location, status, photos, and relevant cargo data can be reached through the web platform, helping players in the global logistics industry get visibility of their supply chains, plan and execute better, gain more profitability, and Sleep Well.