How can CAN Bus data aid in business’ success?

As we live in a digital age, it is crucial for businesses to continually find ways to stay relevant, innovate and keep up with technology in order to stay competitive.

You must be wondering how a simple CAN (Controller Area Network) Bus system is powerful enough to aid in business success. In this article, we will be exploring how a wide variety of data can be retrieved from the CAN Bus.

What is a CAN Bus?

As the name suggests, a Controller Area Network is akin to a nervous system. Just like a nervous system that transmits signals between different parts of the body, a CAN Bus enables communication among the Electronic Control Units (ECU). The CAN Bus extracts data directly from the sensors of ECU which generates more accurate data than GPS tracking.

In an automotive vehicle, there are over 300 sensors, so just imagine the amount of accurate data businesses can potentially unlock with CAN Bus. The data retrieved aids businesses to gain valuable insights beyond traditional GPS tracking.

Furthermore, CAN Bus has the ability to collect data and allow interactions among different systems within the vehicle. This ensures greater safety features for drivers and greater cost savings for businesses now that the full status of a vehicle is known through CAN Bus data.

The CAN Bus system has the ability to do the following:

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

With CAN Bus, you can now directly extract accurate data in relation to speeding, harsh cornering, engine idling and harsh braking by drivers.


Monitor consumption of fuel, retrieve CAN Bus data in relation to engine idling and harsh braking which translates to fuel wastage.

Safety Status

CAN Bus can detect when the drivers and passengers seat belts are on or off. Some cars can process this CAN Bus data and execute further actions. For example, when the seat belts are fastened, the parking brake will release automatically upon driving off.

Door Status

CAN Bus will know when the vehicle doors are opened or closed. When doors are opened, signal is transferred via CAN Bus to switch on the lights to remind drivers that doors are left opened.

Engine Status

Monitor engine temperature and identify error codes of engine with CAN Bus data. Have a more accurate forecast of when vehicles require maintenance.


Monitor accurate vehicle mileage or distance travelled.

Pedals Status

CAN Bus retrieves data on brake and acceleration pedal so that drivers know when to change brake fluids.

With all this CAN Bus data, businesses can now enforce greater safety measures among drivers, it also helps them to have greater cost savings now that predictive maintenance is made possible with the CAN Bus data providing information on the status of vehicles. Also, this data and analytics can potentially empower different types of business models. For instance, in the vehicle insurance industry, insurer providers can calculate insurance premiums based on driver’s behaviour while in the vehicle maintenance industry, they can charge maintenance packages based on how the vehicle is driven.

If your business is looking to truly unlock the potential of data, be sure to reach out to Rock Africa as we promise to provide the perfect CAN Bus solution for your business.

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