How can IoT transform a fleet management system (FMS)?

Beyond the use of the basic functions of a Fleet Management System, as mentioned in the previous post, it is crucial for businesses to gain a competitive edge against others by increasing the capabilities of their FMS to include the power of IoT. This ensures that their business continues to value add by leveraging on the use of IoT sensors to gather rich data on assets, environmental conditions and security. Read on to find out how to optimise one’s business potential with IoT.

Most businesses today are already utilising GPS tracking devices to track their fleet which provide data on the vehicle. However, when they have other requirements such as asset, environmental and security monitoring requirements, businesses have to engage with different vendors for each solution. As a result, managing multiple vendors can be inconvenient and hence, the concept of a one stop shop, all in one solution for fleet management with IoT sensors makes it a hassle-free one.

When fleet management devices can read other wireless sensors, this enables one’s fleet management to take in additional sensor inputs to augment the already existing data. The power of IoT has opened up doors of opportunities for businesses to save time, save costs and overall, increase productivity and efficiency in business processes.

In this post, we are looking at some examples of different IoT data and how it can benefit your business.


1. Asset Tracking

Assets are tagged and tracked which allows for information of when assets are picked up and dropped off to be known. This aids businesses in inventory tracking, repositioning one’s logistics and improving overall operational efficiencies in relation to pallets, boxes, roller cages and other conveyances.

2. Environmental Sensing

With a temperature and humidity sensor connected to assets, it generates real time data of temperature and humidity of assets which is extremely crucial for cold chain industries such as pharmaceutical and perishables.

3. Security Tracking

Businesses can check the security status of one’s assets and be alerted when there is unauthorised opening and tampering of assets while goods are in transit.

Overall, IoT has opened up a world of possibilities and has the potential to transform and add value to businesses. Contact us to find out more.

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