CleanPay® Money and Credit Card Disinfection Device


Money Disinfection Device, CleanPay®, provides maximum protection by breaking down the DNA structures of infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that may be present on paper money and credit cards by applying UV-C rays. In addition to disinfecting paper money and credit cards, all other objects such as room cards, loyalty cards, key rings, etc. can also be disinfected. CleanPay® is a patented product. (PP)

What do UV rays do?

The sun is the most powerful source of ultraviolet rays as well as light and temperature. UV rays are divided into 3 types: UVA, UVB and UVC. As the sun’s rays pass through the atmosphere, all of UV-C and the vast majority of UV-B are absorbed by the ozone layer, water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide. UV-A is not filtered by the atmosphere. These 3 types are classified according to their UV radiation wavelengths. Their biological activities and the effects they cause when they penetrate the skin are different from each other. The short wavelength UV-C does more damage but is completely filtered by the atmosphere and does not reach the earth. UV-C rays, which have a sterilizing effect, have a destroying effect on living life. This type of ray, which is particularly harmful to the eyes, is also known to cause skin conditions depending on the exposure time.

How does CleanPay work?

The customer puts the paper money in the open chamber and shows his hand at a distance of 5 cm to the sensor on the device. When the LED on the cashier side is lit, it means that the process has started. The paper money is taken by the device and the UV-C light is applied. After the application, the device warns the cashier with a sound and the money is transmitted to the cashier cleanly. The device, which can work double-sided, gives money and cleans money by performing the same operations in other direction. Same operation can be done for coins or similar objects.

CleanPay Usage Areas

In markets, restaurants, hotels, fuel stations, offices, shopping malls, parking lots and even as well as in homes. It can also be used as individual or personnel hygiene object.