E-Gate For Airport

According to the World Tourism Organisation, there are 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals per year. Any tourists that cross borders would have to go through customs and immigrations to check their eligibility to enter countries and identify suspicious and illegal entrants to ensure safety and security. Traditionally, the immigration process is tedious and time consuming but as technology advances, it has increased opportunities for the immigration process to be digitalised.


The Philippines is one of the countries that has adopted the digitalisation of immigration processes. The Philippine Bureau of Immigration had implemented a biometric e-gate solution in 2018. It yielded positive results as they were able to enhance security and passenger experience at large airports in Manila, Davao, Clark and Cebu.

The biometric e-gate solution has made the immigration process more hassle free and efficient. It is as simple as capturing biometric data when each person walks through the e-gate. By capturing biometric data such as facial and fingerprint markers, it identifies each person that enters or exits countries.


Rock Africa had the opportunity to collaborate with The Philippine Bureau of Immigration to implement 21 biometric e-gates across Manila, Davao, Clark and Cebu airports.

Rock Africa’s e-gate solution is an all-in-one system that captures facial recognition, biometric scanning, bar code reading, and smart card recognition. It is connected with a database of immigration blacklists, watch lists and allow immigration officers to hold departure of those who are detected as ineligible to cross borders. The ability of this system to detect any anomalies helps to enhance security. The biometric e-gate has helped to cut down clearance time from 45 seconds to an average of 8 to 15 seconds per passenger. The increase in speed of immigration process helps to reduce congestion and in turn, enhance passenger experience.

Overall, the automation and digitalisation of the immigration process has made immigration hassle free for passengers while maintaining excellent security.