Petech® Fuel Storage Facility Automation Software


It is the system that manages the filling arms and tank level control equipment in fuel storage facility. Provides full control over tanker fillings, unit price management, shift application, supply operator and customer management. It manages the entire activity within the storage tanks in the facility. Instant tank inventory, filling and tank receiving alarms and in-tank movements are taken under control. The facility automation software analyzes, manages, records and reports the fuel, water and temperature movements of the tanks in high resolution. Thanks to the recording of all movements, historical data can be accessed. Because of automation system, both environmental and commercially important fuel storage and monitoring activities for fuel station is fully controlled.

The fuel storage facility automation system is mainly a software-based system, and it has many advantages against hardware-based systems such as development, memory, visual and operational capabilities, compatibility with current demands. It runs as an operating system service in the background. This way, it is closed to outside intervention. Because of recording all fuel movements within software, historical data can be accessed easily. At the same time, if central system is used, system also sends this information to the center simultaneously.