Petech® Online Central Management Software


Software Specifications:

  • The system is web based. In this sense, it is possible to access from anywhere and users do not need to install separate software on their computers.
  • The system is a single software and includes all features. It does not have modules in the form of separate software that supports each feature, it is integrated. Therefore, as the features of the system increase (additional server, additional license etc.), it does not require additional investment.
  • There is no user limit in the system, no station limit sending data and no number limit in the definitions of card or vehicle recognition customers. No user-based license is applied.
  • The system works with Windows standard operating system SQL standard database. Enterprise editions are not needed. 
  • The system consists of application and database servers. These two servers can be located on one physical server as well as on separate physical servers. This is shaped in accordance with the distribution company’s IT policies. The hardware price is excluded from the license price.

Software Contents Features:

  • Standard station pump and tank reporting (many different report types
  • Vehicle recognition modules
  • EMRA table modules
  • EMRA data transmission modules
  • Central price management in sales models
  • Dealer EPDK access portal
  • EGM integration modules
  • Timestamp integration modules (KamuSM)
  • System identification modules (station, product, region, product type, etc.)
  • In all reports, excel, pfd, csv format can be printed, each report has many filters such as date, station, product, vehicle.