RPC Room Personnel Counting System


RPC is a system that counts and manages people entering and leaving closed area, without error.

Thanks to RPC system developed by Asis, people entering and leaving any closed areas (Gas station’s closed areas like market and toilet entrances-exits, office, meeting room, dining hall, store, locker room, factory, public transportation etc.) can be counted. Even if the closed area to be counted has multiple entrances, RPC can accomplish its task. With this system installed at every entrance and exit, it is possible to know the exact number of people in that area.

The system is designed to be much more economical than its counterparts, and it works both individually (without software support) or centrally to be monitored and managed.


Stand-alone operation: It provides the opportunity to be used at single-entry points without the need for a central software.

Multiple Entry Support: In closed areas with more than one entry, it counts and consolidates people entering and leaving from all points and performs simultaneous transactions on all entries according to the cumulative number of people.

Automatic Door Management: In addition to giving a visual alarm on the control panel, if there is an automatic door, it ensures that the door does not open when the maximum number of people is reached.

Special System Definition for Closed Area: Maximum number of people can be defined separately for each closed area. When it is a single system, the required alarm values are defined in the system via the panel; when there is a central system, it is defined via the central system.

Central System Management: With the management system running on the cloud, input and output analysis of many points, simultaneous alarm monitoring, reporting of past activities, configuration of each closed area can be accomplished. Thanks to the cloud architecture, there is no need for software cost and hardware investment.


Gas station’s closed areas (market and toilet entrances and exits), meeting rooms, dining halls, markets, changing rooms, public transportation vehicles, etc.

  • Control over the cloud
  • Active person number indicator
  • Room available / unavailable indicator
  • Communication via Wi-Fi
  • Data consolidation for multiple entries
  • Does not require user intervention
  • Automatic door blocking when the specified number of people is exceeded
  • Low power consumption
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Operating temperature; -10 ° C-50 ° C
  • Easy to install
  • Cloud architecture
  • Accessible web interface from anywhere
  • Closed area (Room) and sensor definitions
  • Alarm and warning definitions
  • Determining the specific person limit number for each closed area
  • Simultaneous alarm display
  • Instant status display
  • Retrospective activity reporting
  • User management