Temperature & Humidity Tracking for Pharmaceuticals

Rock Africa has collaborated with many industries such as the pharmaceutical industries by providing them with high quality solutions. Read on to find out how Rock Africa has managed to penetrate into the pharmaceutical industry through our temperature and humidity tracking solutions.


In the pharmaceutical industry, it often involves the transportation of high value assets such as medicines, vaccines and live samples by people who are specialised in pharmaceutical logistics. Cold chain is extremely important to ensure health and safety of products especially because it is entering the consumer market. This means that knowing the temperature conditions of cold chain is crucial as temperature excursions, both high and low have the ability to destroy products and endanger lives. Also, the pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, governed by stringent laws and auditing is conducted with regards to the tracking and tracing of supply chain. Traditionally, temperature control boxes are used to maintain temperature of pharmaceutical goods for longer durations.

However, as much as the existing solutions do work, it has its limitations and hence, pose challenges in the pharmaceutical logistics industry. As such, this is where Rock Africa’s temperature and humidity tracking for pharmaceuticals can come to play.


  • Difficulty in tracking: It is challenging to do temperature tracking on products when they are moving on land and air.
  • Government regulations: GPS and GSM based tracking has limitations on air logistics due to FAA regulations governing auto switch off which raises the cost of devices.
  • Lack Visibility: Poor visibility of location and temperature information in supply chain. No end to end track and trace platform for the entire supply chain.


Rock Africa’s solutions provide comprehensive temperature track and trace workflow that collects temperature, humidity & location data per milestone. There is the ability to use ATLAS Temp to log temperature throughout the transportation journey. Furthermore, there is the capability to extract data directly using mobile application straight to cloud based platform and temperature can be captured accurately at each milestone. At the end of the journey, full temperature records can be collated and extracted to generate reports.

Overall, the implementation of temperature and humidity tracking in process of transporting pharmaceutical products has become more effective with the use of Rock Africa’s solutions.