ThermoGate® Infrared Body Temperature Detection System


SThermoGate® is 32-points precision IR thermometer designed for measuring the temperature of the human body and screening people who have fever. You just have to place it at the side of a door. When a person with body temperature over 38oC passes by, a red light and a beeper provide an alert.

In comparison to thermal cameras ThermoGate® offers:

  • 1/10th the cost
  • Double absolute accuracy (0.5°C vs 1°C – 2°C)
  • Easier installation
  • Simplest to use – no technician necessary
  • Up to 1 meter working range (with no need of focusing)

In epidemic diseases such as coronavirus, the determination of body temperature is an important indicator of the virus where the density of personnel is high. The human fever measurement devices used in the market cause serious time loss in single measurements and ineffective controls are carried out. ASİS has developed ThermoGate® product. It provides psychological support for people entering the indoor area and prestige to your company.

ThermoGate® uses thermography method to measure by distance the human body temperature.
Thermography method needs to have the temperature reading of the hottest small area on the subject’s face (usually not bigger than one cent coin). The same method is used by thermal cameras and by handheld infrared thermometers.

ThermoGate® measures 32 such narrow areas in 1/20th of a second. As the person moves, passing in front of the instrument, hundreds of points are captured from his/her face while the person keeps walking. The maximum (after applying software algorithms) is displayed and is a pretty accurate reading (±0.5°C body temperature accuracy is achieved when used indoors).


It can be used easily in all entry points where there is human traffic such as factories, airports, shopping centers, business centers, markets, schools, hospitals, cinemas, restaurants.